Osteria Livio "da Lando"

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Closed at 02.00 am

from 12.00 am to 15.00 pm
from 18.00 pm to 24.00 pm

Closed day: monday


Osteria da Livio
is situatet in the “TESÖL” area few meters from the Comboniano Monastery.
It was oppend on the 4 Mai 1974 by Livio Martinelli, born in Limone sul Garda and Lonnie Niebuhr, born in Kolding (DK).
Nowadays has the son, Martinelli Francesco, taken over with help from his sister Jenny;
The perfeckt result of the combination of two opposite geographical atmosphairs which gives to the Osteria the tipical charm from “bella Italia” and the warm cosiness from Denmark.
Laying in the olivegartens of Limone sul Garda, you can relax, in a peacefully nature, enjoying the simple but welldone plates in the big garden.
The inside is beauty as well !
The rustical look will give you an expiriens of “old times”.
The staff is gentle and competent always ready to speak with the costumers in italien, english and several others foreing languages.
The best regards and we look forward to see you in


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Osteria da Livio di Martinelli, Francesco
Via Tovo, 4 - 25010 Limone sul Garda (BS)
Tel: +39 0365 954203

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